Thursday, December 18, 2014

Nervously accepting the challenge

I have been designing jewelry for about 10 years, and have more recently fallen head over heels in love with glass as a medium. I am having so much fun experimenting with all of the different forms of glass and the ways that they can be manipulated! I have enjoyed connecting with other glass artists online and am absolutely awestruck by the beautiful work they have produced.

Kelly does some really cool work with glass powders, and has challenged other "glassies" to attempt to create 30 glass powder drawings in 30 days.

Oh goodness, I must confess -- I am NERVOUS about doing this in a group! I have no formal art training and know next to nothing about drawing or painting on paper or canvas, let alone on glass! But I am going to join the 200+ others who have accepted the challenge.

I know I am going to learn so much! I am excited! And nervous! And excited! And a more than a little nervous ;o)

So here's to you, Kelly and to all my fellow glass artists -- We can do this!!!!

And a huge thank-you to Kelly for organizing this <3

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  1. Yay! You got your blog started!! It's going to be fun and you'll learn so much. Don't stress, we're all in the same boat, you'll be great :)