Thursday, January 1, 2015

First glass powder drawing 1-1-2015

YAY -- I found my blog! I am not sure which part is the biggest challenge: trying to be artistic in a totally new way, or figuring out how to do the technical stuff ;o)

I truly am relieved that I was finally able to find my blog so I could post to it. Maybe after I've done it 30 times I will find this part to be a breeze?

So, first drawing, using only my fingers and some glass powder. Confession: I was sooooo tempted to "cheat" and grab some tools! Trying to square things off was so hard! I resisted the temptation, however, and did it.

Not having any drawing or powder experience, I was pretty pleased with my first attempt! Then I asked Matt (dear hubby) what he thought I had drawn; he looked at my drawing, looked at me, looked back at the drawing and said "um, a neuron?".

Oh well, I am sure I'll improve with some serious practice. And he did finally figure out what the drawing is supposed to be, after a few hints.

My hint to you: why would I draw a neuron next to a dog house?

Ciao friends!


  1. I think it is insanely cute! Good job with the tree decoration! I couldn't even make a straight line!

  2. I recognized your Charlie Brown Christmas Tree right away. I was thinking about trying that myself. Kudos for the ornament and the lights on Snoopy's dog house.

  3. Thank you all! Sometimes I focus too much on the parts I am unhappy with...