Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Big Draw, day 6

Oh boy, another day of 5 minute drawings :op

Our talented leader, Kelly Crosser Alge calls this exercises "fast hands" and insists that practice makes, if not perfect, at least better. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it's "good for me", but I find it sooooo hard to come up with anything I can draw in powder (with just my fingers and a business card, remember!) in 5 minutes.

Despite that, here I am, immortalizing my lousy drawing attempts for all eternity -- the internet is forever, you know! Despite my fear of derision and my immense embarrassment and how rudimentary these images are, I'm posting them. Hopefully this will help encourage other newbies to get started on their own paths toward personal artistry ;o)

Drawing 1:  A face (couldn't get the detail done in 5 minutes, so it is a very blank face. More a head, I guess):

Drawing 2:  A cone flower:

Drawing 3:  A wooden deck chair:

Drawing 4: A very fluffy pine tree:  ;o)

Drawing 5:  A pine-y landscape (wish I were there!)

Thank you for dropping by!

#TheBigDraw day 5

Yippee :op   today we "get" to do another 5 5-minute sketches. Not my favorite exercise, and I am looking forward to being able to use some tools, rather than just my fingers and a business card -- it seems I am all thumbs when it comes to drawing with my fingers!

It did dawn on me as I was trying my hardest to come up with five things to draw, that weren't too detailed (gotta do it in 5 minutes with just these fingers and a card): I do a much better job when I have a picture or photo in front of me as inspiration.

Note to self:  get yourself some pictures!

Hopefully my old self will get off this ample tush and find some pictorial inspiration BEFORE tomorrow's challenge!

Here are my drawings for today:

1. Wonky bowl

2.  Anemone blossom

3.  Pantry door

4.  Generic bird

5. Dandelion puff

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Big Draw, days 1-4

Yay, we are doing a new 30 day powder drawing challenge as a way to participate in #TheBigDraw !

I don't know how these hashtag things work, so I doubt that this post will makes its way into the official Big Draw archives, but I am still excited to be participating again. Not least because although at the end of January, I had every good intention to practice drawing every day, but I didn't even make it through Feb -- and it only had 28 days!

So, I'm back, drawing and doing sgraffito every day (crossed fingers) in the month of October.

Here are my drawings for the first 4 days: (Please forgive the sideways and upside down pictures -- I have forgotten how to rotate them in this format!)

Day 1 -- the challenge was to draw something using nothing but powdered glass and our fingers. Think finger-painting with a dry powder instead of gooey paint. I decided to play around at drawing a large chrysanthemum blossom:

Day 2 -- using no tools other than our fingers and a business card, draw a tree. I decided to do a slight update on my old drawing of a tree with a tire swing:

Day 3 -- still no tools, draw a landscape. I initially started working on a dessert scene, complete with a cactus. I quickly gave up (couldn't get the cactus right) so I did this little seaside scene instead:

Day 4 -- the speed round, still no tools. Draw 5 different pictures using no more than 5 minutes to draw each one:

I started trying to do a pumpkin. Aaack! Definitely not a "great" pumpkin!

I'm planning to do a study of every day objects, so next I tried a cotton swab:

Then a murderous pencil (it's wiping out that poor stick figure)  ;o)

Fourth is a pineapple that I would not be even slightly tempted to eat :op

And last, I did a quick powder sketch of my favorite dog. She is 3/4 poodle and has the cutest brown curls which I have been wanting to try to draw for a while  ;o)