Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Big Draw, day 6

Oh boy, another day of 5 minute drawings :op

Our talented leader, Kelly Crosser Alge calls this exercises "fast hands" and insists that practice makes, if not perfect, at least better. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it's "good for me", but I find it sooooo hard to come up with anything I can draw in powder (with just my fingers and a business card, remember!) in 5 minutes.

Despite that, here I am, immortalizing my lousy drawing attempts for all eternity -- the internet is forever, you know! Despite my fear of derision and my immense embarrassment and how rudimentary these images are, I'm posting them. Hopefully this will help encourage other newbies to get started on their own paths toward personal artistry ;o)

Drawing 1:  A face (couldn't get the detail done in 5 minutes, so it is a very blank face. More a head, I guess):

Drawing 2:  A cone flower:

Drawing 3:  A wooden deck chair:

Drawing 4: A very fluffy pine tree:  ;o)

Drawing 5:  A pine-y landscape (wish I were there!)

Thank you for dropping by!

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