Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Big Draw, days 1-4

Yay, we are doing a new 30 day powder drawing challenge as a way to participate in #TheBigDraw !

I don't know how these hashtag things work, so I doubt that this post will makes its way into the official Big Draw archives, but I am still excited to be participating again. Not least because although at the end of January, I had every good intention to practice drawing every day, but I didn't even make it through Feb -- and it only had 28 days!

So, I'm back, drawing and doing sgraffito every day (crossed fingers) in the month of October.

Here are my drawings for the first 4 days: (Please forgive the sideways and upside down pictures -- I have forgotten how to rotate them in this format!)

Day 1 -- the challenge was to draw something using nothing but powdered glass and our fingers. Think finger-painting with a dry powder instead of gooey paint. I decided to play around at drawing a large chrysanthemum blossom:

Day 2 -- using no tools other than our fingers and a business card, draw a tree. I decided to do a slight update on my old drawing of a tree with a tire swing:

Day 3 -- still no tools, draw a landscape. I initially started working on a dessert scene, complete with a cactus. I quickly gave up (couldn't get the cactus right) so I did this little seaside scene instead:

Day 4 -- the speed round, still no tools. Draw 5 different pictures using no more than 5 minutes to draw each one:

I started trying to do a pumpkin. Aaack! Definitely not a "great" pumpkin!

I'm planning to do a study of every day objects, so next I tried a cotton swab:

Then a murderous pencil (it's wiping out that poor stick figure)  ;o)

Fourth is a pineapple that I would not be even slightly tempted to eat :op

And last, I did a quick powder sketch of my favorite dog. She is 3/4 poodle and has the cutest brown curls which I have been wanting to try to draw for a while  ;o)

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