Monday, January 4, 2016

30 day challenge -- the abstract version! Days 1-4

January 2016 has brought with it snow, ice, migraines, and a new 30-day powder drawing challenge! Between traveling and recovering from all those "foreign" germs, I have been slow to start. But today I was determined to get caught up.

This year's challenge is actually quite different from last year's. We are only "allowed" 10-15 minutes for each powder drawing: they are intended to be a "warm up" of sorts to get our hands and heads loose and working. Yes, our heads! You see this year we will be given a new abstract noun each day and challenged to, well, draw what comes to mind. What comes to mind for me is that I am not sure I am much of an abstract thinker! 

Here are my quick powder drawings for January 1-4th. White sheet glass, black glass powder, using my fingers and a business card as my only "tools":

January 1st: "Comfort"

January 2nd: "Effulgence":

January 3rd: "Generosity":

January 4th:  "Chaos":

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