Thursday, January 21, 2016

Jugaad, Hiraeth and Waldeinsamkeit

Jugaad, Hiraeth and Waldeinsamkeit, frankly I will feel somewhat successful today it I have managed to spell each of our last three abstract terms correctly! Last time we had Korean and Yiddish words. Today's concepts are Hindi, Welsh, and German in origin. It's really cool to realize that so many languages include words that are so very pregnant with meaning! We really tend to forget that many of our words have complex and/or multiple definitions.

In other words, many words can not be defined with a single word  ;o)

Our word for Weds. was Jugaad:


Noun. (Hindi)

Ensuring that things happen even with minimal resources, even if they happen 'by hook or by crook'

This is such a fabulous word, and fabulous concept -- although I really wish it wasn't necessary. We are so often faced with limited resources and unlimited need. This word resonated with me very strongly.

I wanted to portray the idea of nothing being made into something of value and that something being multiplied out into the world. Hopefully that is evident in this 10-minute rendition of "jugaad":

Our next term is from the Welsh language: Haraeth


Noun.  (Welsh)

A homesickness for somewhere you cannot return to, the nostalgia and the grief for the lost places of your past, places that never were. 

I found this word much easier to feel than to pronounce. I ended up drawing a figure of someone or something trying to surround or embrace a void -- attempting to capture something that isn't actually there. Hopefully this comes across here:

For our final word of this trio, we go to the German language.


 Noun.  (German-..... Any Germans out there who'd like explain pronunciation on this one? ha!)

The feeling of being alone in the woods, An easy solitude and a connectedness to nature.

Perhaps not as unpronounceable as the Welsh, but still a mouthful of a term. This one was the most difficult for me to get very abstract on. I really could not get my mind away from focusing on the feeling of meditating in a fairy circle in the woods. I couldn't make a powder drawing to do this justice in 10 minutes, but here is what I managed to throw together:

And, that's all for today, folks. Thank you for stopping by!  :o)

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