Sunday, January 24, 2016

Days 22 and 23: Forelsket and Goya

It's funny how once I sift some powder on my base piece of glass and start to move it around, the powder often "tells me" where to go. I had this idea in my mind for the forelsket, but the powder took me in another direction entirely!

I do love this word, (although it does sound a bit like something that gets removed at a Bris). What a wonderful, frightening, euphoric, panicky time it describes!

Forelsket (Norwegian): The indescribable euphoria experienced as you begin to fall in love.

The powder took me on quite a ride with this  one, quite literally ;o)

Forelsket --

Our next word was from the Urdu language. The word is Goya and it means: A transporting suspension of disbelief- An "as-if" that feels like reality- such as in good storytelling.

I probably took this one too literally for this challenge of abstraction, but I have loved reading since I learned to put letters together to spell words. (My first was "toe", by the way. And I had some beautiful handmade Barbie clothes, toys, and any number of blooks that bear the mark of the unique blend of precociousness and immaturity that describes me at 4 to prove it!).

That other-worldly feeling you get when you are fully immersed in a story; that sadness when you reach the end of a book that became your world for a little while -- excruciating, I love them both. And all I could think of as I contemplated the word "goya" was the joy of opening a new book and becoming part of a new world.


Now I am off to find a new book!


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