Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Communication and waste

Can you guess our drawing challenge words of the day for yesterday and today? Hint; look up ;o)

Yes, "communication" was our word for the day yesterday, and "waste" was today's word. I always think the key to true communication is the ability to correctly receive and then respond to the message. I visualized this as a set of transmitters and receivers with the receivers much larger than the transmitters, symbolizing the importance of speaking gently but listening "hard". I think there may be shades of struggle from an old relationship directing this one  ;o)


For "waste" I immediately started considering things that waste my time, sucking away opportunities to be creative. The top of that list: television. I find it such an easy escape, very much the opiate of the masses, circa 20th-21st centuries. I suppose social networking/getting stuck on Facebook is a close second.


I actually only gave each of these 5 minutes, making them as a warm up for a couple of pieces I wanted to do some more work on.

I wanted to add a silhouette of a girl on a swing to the picture I started earlier with the old entwined trees. I like the play of youth (the young girl) against age (ancient trees) in the fading fall twilight. I will add more color to it in a subsequent firing, but here it is going in for a second firing today:

I have also had the picture of a Haitian woman in a desolate, dusty landscape (the reality for much of Haiti following massive deforestation and destructive typhoons) to add to. For now, I just added some shoes (the color I used earlier was too transparent) and a dust storm blowing up behind her. This may complete this piece (except for the framing of it), we'll see late tomorrow :o) BTW, the powder on the sandstorm fires much darker than it goes on. I used two colors that I mixed myself...

Thank you for dropping by!
... TRrrish

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