Monday, January 25, 2016


Not feeling well today, and it shows in my lack of enthusiasm about these pieces. I just couldn't get into the assignments. Perhaps I'll revisit these words later. Probably not.

Day 24th word was Ya' aburnee, an Arabic term that literally means "you bury me". The context is a love so great that one can't imagine living without their partner. As in "I hope I die before you do so I don't have to live with out you".

I imagined two characters so intertwined that they can't be pulled apart. Here is my interpretation of  Ya' aburnee:

Our word for today is

Mamihlapinatapai -- A silent acknowledgement and understanding between two people, who are both wishing or thinking the same thing (and are both unwilling to initiate).

There are probably myriad different ways this interaction plays out between people. What came to mind for me was the idea of two people who are falling in love, but neither is able or willing to acknowledge it. I saw this as a barrier that feels impenetrable.


Sorry that today's offerings are so "meh". It's just one of those headache-y, sore throat-y, all around yucky days...

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