Saturday, January 30, 2016

30th of 30 -- final piece in the current challenge!

I'm so excited -- I finished the last piece in this 30 day challenge today, and I completed every one of the 30 assignments this year! Last year I missed a couple and never got back to them (go figure).

It's been so much fun, and challenging, and I've really enjoyed learning and thinking about the different words we were assigned and how to draw them.

Our final word is once again from the Japanese language. The word is "soken" and is defined as "invention, creation, originality".

I think I am most creative and original when I have fun, so I decide to do just that for this final challenge. I once again used my jar of mixed discarded powder because it's hard to get   a more original medium than one comprised of an aggregation of the cast off media from  previous projects ;o)

Here is my interpretation of "soken". First a photo of the entire piece:

And a nice little close up of some of the detail:

As always, thank you for joining me on this ride! In a week, I will be beginning a new drawing challenge -- I would love to have you drop by to check it out!


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