Monday, January 18, 2016

I never thought I would say this but: Resfeber and Trepverter

The words keep coming, and they get more challenging (I originally was going to say "weirder") every day. 

Yesterday's word was "resfeber"


Noun. (Swedish)

The restless beat of a traveler's heart before the journey begins. A mixture of anxiety and anticipation.

I must admit that my first thought upon reading this definition was of our fearless leader -- the woman who is "assigning" these words and encouraging our powder drawing attempts. She has been on vacation with her family, and between missed flights, missing rental cars, and tornadoes (TORNADOES!), their vacation has not been much of a holiday! Kelly and her entire family have been much on my mind.

Despite the way the "vacation" has turned out, I imagine they experienced resfeber as the day of departure grew closer!

Here is my powder interpretation of the word resfeber:

Hopefully I have conveyed the idea of jittery excitement and anticipation of the future!

Our word for today is a Yiddish word, but not one I have heard coming from a certain presidential hopeful in recent weeks. Today our concept is trepverter:


Noun.  (Yiddish)

A witty riposte or comeback you think of only when it's too late to use.  
Literally means 'staircase words'.

Although this is a concept I recognize and something I have experienced, the word was a new one to me. Here is my depiction of "trepverter":

What I was thinking when creating this was something along the lines of: "wait, wait, okay I've got it...HEY, where did she go?".  ;o)

Thank you for visiting -- and please, come back tomorrow for a vocabulary and spelling test.

Just kidding  ;o)

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  1. Ha ha! I didn't know that you are a "Word Bully" too! When my son was about six, he had done something wrong and I was trying to explain to him why his actions were not acceptable. He got fed up with me lecturing him and said, "You, you__ WORD BULLY!!" He grew up to have a great vocabulary and "Word Bully" is our term for someone who can really express themselves! It's an exclusive club!