Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Al #1 (and maybe Al #2)

Today and tomorrow we are supposed to draw a picture of Albert Einstein. With glass powder. The good news is that we are "allowed" to use any tools we have on hand! Unfortunately, I haven't really used very many tools (handmade or otherwise) up to this point, so my experience level with powder tools is pretty low.

I have to admit to some serious frustration (and a little bit of name-calling, sorry Kelly!).

I have worked on this for about 90 minutes, but I am fighting a migraine and the migraine is winning, so this is probably it for today. I'm going to take some meds and a nap. If I feel better, I may put in some more time on it this evening. If not, hopefully we will have Albert, part deux, tomorrow.

Matt took a look before he went upstairs for his first nap of the day: he said it was obvious that this is Albert. I'm not sure I believe him.

By the way, when I went to upload this picture, I first spied the actual photo of Al and thought it was my drawing (very briefly) Drat, I was thinking "hey, I did a lot better than I thought on this!".

Oh well...

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