Monday, January 19, 2015

Flower day!

Flowers, anything floral --that is what we were challenged to create with our glass powder today. And if enough of us (60 or more) complete a picture and post it to the blog, we will get another free demonstration video from Kelly!

Some of us (uh, that would be me!) need all the help we can get! So I am all in!!!

Today I drew a flower using black glass powder then I colored it with a variety of other glass frits and popped it in the kiln for a tack fuse. If it turns out, it is going to become a little plate or bowl.

Here is my flower (I call it "generic flower #1)  ;o)

Tomorrow I will post a picture of the fired plate here:

Yep, right here!   ;o)

18 hours later...

Here it is:

I was successful in keeping the texture I wanted, and am reasonably okay with the result. I think I will slump it into a  small plate!

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