Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Truly frightening

Hi there!

Today our challenge was to make a powder glass drawing of something that we find scary. I thought about drawing a spider. I had pretty much decided to, in fact, until I started looking up pictures of spiders on which to base my drawing.

*Shivers* -- just looking at the photos absolutely gave me the heebie jeebies! I was afraid that if I spent any more time looking at spiders, I would have nasty spider nightmares tonight!

Then I thought about drawing a picture of me falling from a great height. I do not like the sensation of falling! I just couldn't figure out how to make that drawing work in powdered glass. And I really wanted to push myself to do something I hadn't yet: drawing a stick-figure me, falling off a mountain, would not be a big enough task. And I want to improve!!

Soooo, I tried to think of something else that frightens me and I pondered scariness all the way back to childhood trauma and I realized what I needed to draw: a haunted house.

Even as an adult, a grandma no less, I absolutely can not go into any type of haunted house. I still have nightmares of the time I participated in an exciting Halloween outing that morphed into pure terror! That fun outing resulted in a pack of hysterically screaming 8-year-old Camp Fire Girls having to be escorted out of the local haunted house, while our Camp Fire leader screamed at the zombies and mummies to "just let them be and let us out of here!!!"


Fortunately, however, I can look at pictures of haunted houses without freaking out like I do over pictures of spiders.

So here is my drawing for today:

I actually liked this one enough to keep the picture! It is now in the kiln for a tack fuse. I will add color tomorrow and fire it again. It may make it's way into a Halloween themed bowl or plate in a couple of months ;o)

Thank you for checking in!

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