Friday, January 9, 2015

Sad little apple

Today's powder glass "drawing" challenge was to draw a piece of fruit. I have been pretty gloomy, feeling the loss of an old friend who passed away last night leaving a wife and two young daughters. Compounded by the anniversary, tomorrow, of my only brother's death 7 years ago. Not surprisingly, I suppose, today's piece is dark and gloomy.

And, I must say once again: I really need to take some drawing lessons! I just don't know much about shading and contrast, or so many other techniques that would really be helpful. There are a number of things that just intuitively direct my art, drawing is not at all intuitive to me :o(

I trust that all of these daily challenges will help me improve at least a little bit!

Here are my dark little apple, and the Iris I fired last night:

Ciao until next time!

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