Thursday, January 22, 2015

Out of my head

I have discovered that (at least for this stage of my learning to "draw" with powder) I manage much better if I have either the item I want to draw or a picture of the item to work with. Trying to do this directly "out of my head" without a visual, is waaaaay beyond me!

Our powder drawing challenge today was to create a safety pin out of black powder, paying close attention to the effects of light and shadow. We were given this photo:

It was really difficult, but I started feeling pretty confident when I got this done:

Then it started to get more difficult, but I kept at it:

3 hours (yes, hours!) later, I had this:

I decided I had better cook some dinner so the boys don't starve to death, so this is going to be it. It is on wonky-shaped glass, but after spending so long on it, I wasn't about to brush this powder back in the jar, so it is in the kiln for a tack fuse tonight ;o)

Tomorrow I will try to catch up; I still need have a container of flowers to draw from yesterday's challenge!

'Night all!

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