Thursday, January 8, 2015

Iris, day 8 of challenge

Today I decided to use some pencil drawings as inspiration for my powder creation. It helps quite a bit to have something to look at for reference as I am manipulating the powder. We were allowed to use home made tools or other implements today -- I chose a floss pick as my tool. It actually worked pretty well!

In addition to the "drawing" I finally got around to making some new pieces using the Fuser's Reserve vanilla cream glass and some embellishments in colors that should react nicely with the vanilla: Peacock Green frit, dark green stringer, and Op turquoise noodle. They are cooking away as I write -- I'm looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings :o)

I had some trouble containing the Peacock frit on a couple of pieces, I am hoping I won't have too much of a mess to clean up!

Here is the drawing I made today, unadorned:

I decided to add a bit of colored frit to this one:

Here it is with the rest of my day's work, in the kiln and ready to fire:

Fingers crossed!

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