Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wierd Al

I spent several hours today trying to get my picture of Albert Einstein to look less like Weird Al and more like genius Albert.

This is Al on Weds. morning:

With mixed results. I began by trying to figure out how to do his ear, and that was both difficult and confusing. Then I realized that because I had his head angled differently than it was in the picture I was using for reference, I needed to add his second ear. That one was a bit easier, since it wasn't in shadow quite as much as the first.

Then I tried to fix up his eyes, proceeding to mess them up and then get them back about where I had them to start with. I tried to add some shading. Uh, not looking too good! At that point I decided to leave well enough (and Albert's eyes) alone.

Next I tackled his mouth. I am still not happy with what I achieved, but I had a tough time figuring out how to portray his mouth under all of that mustache!

His dimple was next -- I redid this about 8 times before I decided it was "fine". Actually, it was kicking my butt so I kinda gave up.

Lastly I sketched in his suit jacket, and tried to get that hounds-tooth pattern. Ha ha!  Again: sift powder, move it around, scrape it off, sift more powder, move it around, scrape it off, sift more powder... (I think you get this picture!).

I finally decided it was time to call it done, Al and I have now parted ways: he is back in the powder jar, I am on my way to make some dinner.

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