Monday, January 5, 2015

Still struggling

It was a real struggle to make myself to do this today. I'm pretty disappointed that I can't come up with anything I am remotely happy with in 5 minutes. I suspect part of the problem is that I need some inspiration -- some pictures or drawings to get me started on my powder drawing.

Tonight I will try to find some inspiration! Really! Well, probably.

So today was another 5 pictures in 5 minutes (each) challenge. Since I did more than 5 pieces yesterday, I gave myself permission to do fewer today. I still don't like what I am turning out. Perhaps I need to play around with the technique outside of the time I spend on each day's challenge?

Today I had an especially fun moment on my second piece: I was so startled when the timer went off that I jumped and ended up dropping powder out of the sifter all over my just completed piece. Blah!

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