Friday, January 23, 2015

What a headache!

Our powder drawing challenge for today; make a picture of something that you collect.

Well, I don"t collect much other than glass and tools!

I do collect ideas -- I thought about creating a picture of a light bulb.That seemed too easy.

I collect grandchildren -- they are all so adorable that I know I couldn't do that picture justice.

I collect dust bunnies -- the boss nixed the idea of us drawing dust bunnies. She thinks it would be too easy. I'm not so sure...

Then it occurred to me: for the last 23 days I have been collecting an assemblage of pretty much ANYTHING that I think might help me manipulate powder to make my drawings!

I had grand designs to draw several of the implements I have been using, but then I began to draw the first. My go-to tool of choice, one I have been planning to share with my fellow artists. And what a headache attempting to draw that was!

So all you get today, fans and followers -- a not-very-identifiable powder drawing of the square of blister pack that my migraine medication comes in:

These sturdy little pieces of hard plastic and foil have become my favorite tool to work the powder with! And fortunately (or unfortunately) I have a lot of these.

When I was finished for the day, I went to get my fired safety pin picture out of the kiln -- I really needed to remind myself that I can do better!

Yes I can!

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