Saturday, January 31, 2015


All finished with the 30 day powder drawing challenge -- *sigh*. I'll miss the camaraderie (boy that word looks weird!) and the discipline of having an "assignment" each day. Back to making my own assignments, I guess...

Today I am working on cutting out concentric circles for a bowl I want to make. I am realizing I've become rather rusty at math -- calculated out the width I wanted for my rim, but failed to take into consideration that with diameter I had to double what I wanted on the circle cutter in order to get the right width. I was going for 1.5" and ended up with a very hard to break out .75" rim. Using the only piece of glass I had in the color I wanted :o(

I'll be back at that soon, but in the meantime I want to share a little collage of all of the pieces I made using powder on glass this past month:

 Yes, gentle reader, one of the sets of trees is in there sideways. I think they got chopped down ;o)


  1. Wow....that looks so cool Trish......I'm behind....AGAIN

    1. In the interests of totally honesty -- I must admit I missed the flower bouquet challenge and never got back to it ;o) You can do this!

  2. Great job. We made it and learned so much. Congrats. Your dandelion is my favorite. Keep sgraffitoing (is that a word?). ~Steph

  3. Thank you, Steph -- the dandelion is my favorite too! It went together amazingly quickly and I had wanted to try making one for a long time before that! :o) I do like the added color on the fired pieces though -- really makes them pop!