Monday, January 26, 2015

The dog barfed up my homework!

Poor Brooklyn has been sick as, uh, a dog, since yesterday. It was not been pretty. Lucky for me Matt has taken care of all of the clean up, leaving the cuddling to me :o)  Being her "mommy" today has been a lot like parenting a sick toddler: everywhere I went, she went. She even napped on the bath mat while I took my shower! I love the cuddly time, but it does make it hard to get work done.

Here is our Brooklyn (aka Boo), last month when she was feeling better:

Between cuddling with Boo and cutting out a couple hundred glass tiles to make frit samples, I didn't have much time to work on today's challenge. AND today's challenge was a doozy! Once again, we were instructed to draw a tree with our glass powder ...
Using our right hands for the right half and our left hand for the left half!

Oy vay!

I was so unhappy with today's piece that I could barely get it back in the jar fast enough :oP

Here is one pathetic tree, drawn upside down using both my right and left hands


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