Saturday, January 3, 2015

Landscape challenge -- UGH!

Day 3 of the 30 day sgraffito glass powder sketch: yuck!

Today's attempt was very frustrating! First I had trouble finding a black and white drawing of a landscape that I both liked and thought I might be able to use as inspiration for my sketch. Then I got the basic outline of my bridge and trees and started on the water.

Oh my goodness, I was over my head! I could not figure out how to get the impression of water using only my hands and a business card to manipulate the powdered glass. Every time I tried to improve on the look, I managed to mess it up more! I think my lack of any art training (drawing, painting perhaps?) is really getting in the way of me being able to accomplish what I want.

I am going to force myself to continue to create monochrome pieces -- with just the one frit color until I develop some more skill. I think I will also turn to my fellow glass artists to see how they solve these problems. If you have ever tried to explain to someone distant, in writing, how to do a physical task like sprinkling powder so that it falls just so, you will have some idea of what I am asking of them. Fortunately, these folk are a generous, talented bunch!

Okay, I'm off to Facebook to try to problem solve. Meanwhile, as much as I don't want to share this ugly picture, it is part of my learning process.


Here it is: Bridge in the Snow

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